Tsubaki Technical Review Vol.22 No.1 2012 目次


1. Zerotech® テンショナの開発
Development of Zerotech® tensioner

石井 彰・吉田 修・榑松 勇二

昨今の環境保護のニーズにより、自動車も燃費向上やCO2 削減、軽量化などの要求が増えており、タイミングドライブシステムの開発もエンジンの環境性能を向上させることを第一の目標にしている。その中で、「フリクション低減」「軽量化」「騒音低減」を達成するため"Zerotech コンセプト"(詳細は下記)を元に新機構ラチェットテンショナを開発したので紹介する。

With the growing need for environmental protection, automotive specifications are increasingly demanding a reduction of CO2 emissions, compactness, and fuel efficiency. Accordingly, our primary goal in developing timing drive systems is to improve the environmental performance of the engine, which is why we developed a new ratchet structure with "reduced friction," "compactness," and "reduced noise." We will be introducing this device, called the Zerotech tensioner.

2. つばきラムダチェーン® のリニューアル
Renewal of the Lambda Series Chain

近藤 剛司
Takeshi KONDO

つばきラムダチェーンは1988年に発売され、20年が経過する。数々のモデルチェンジを経て、チェーン事業の主力商品に磨き上げてきた。創業100 周年を前に、商品の優位性をより向上し、さらなる拡販を進めるための第5世代のラムダチェーン開発状況を報告する。

Since the Tsubaki Lambda Chain was first introduced in 1988, already 20 years have passed. Over those years many improvements have been made, and Lambda is now one of the leading products of the chain division. For the upcoming 100th anniversary of the foundation of Tsubakimoto Chain Co., this is a report concerning the development of the 5th generation Lambda Chain for the further expansion, exerting its superiority.

3. リフトマスタ® 「H型鋼支柱タイプ」の開発
Development of a LIFT MASTER® "H-beam support type"

藤岡 宏之・奥井 紀匡
Hiroyuki FUJIOKA・Norimasa OKUI


In recent years, production facilities have become more efficient and more innovative through technological advances, and price competition is becoming severely influenced by globalization. Due to these trends, we have received frequent demands for an overhang layout with a compact built-in guide mechanism that can accept a lifting load with a single column. We began sales of a free-standing electric LIFT MASTER, a device that can lift an overhang loads by utilizing our know-how of actuator products such as Power Cylinders and Linipower® Jacks.

4. つばきリニソート® R-H

吉田 雅彦・薮 芳宏
Masahiko YOSHIDA・Yoshihiro YABU

つばきリニソートシリーズは、流通業界や新聞業界向けの仕分け装置として使用されている商品である。近年、環境に配慮した商品のニーズが高まる中、2010年にエコ商品として仕分け対象物5kgまでの軽量タイプ「リニソートS-E」「リニソートVS-E」を発売した。今回、30kgまでの中量タイプ「リニソートR-H」をエコ& エコ商品として開発したのでここに紹介する。

Tsubaki Linisort Series is a sortation system used in the logistics and newspaper industries. To meet a surging need for environmentally friendly products, we released Linisort S-E and Linisort VS-E in 2010 as Tsubaki Eco & Eco Products for transporting objects less than 5kg. This report will introduce our new Linisort R-H, another Eco & Eco Product, developed to sort objects up to 30kg.

5. 自動植物栽培システム(自動化植物工場)
Automatic Cultivation System

大原 均・平井 達也・河野 浩二
Hitoshi OHARA・Tatsuya HIRAI・Kouji KOUNOU


In 2000, we delivered energy efficient and labor-saving devices and systems to assorted large-scale vegetable and seed plants. Following our success , we are working to realize the next-generation plant factory. The following details our invention: an automatic cultivation system that eliminates the need for human intervention during planting and harvesting.